Competitive Characteristics:


  • Does not require reinforcements in the beams
  • No reinforcements required
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduction of transportation costs
  • Large load capacity
  • Reduction of assembly labour
  • Reduction of the overall project cost
  • Only connecting plates are required between profiles
  • Huge weight reduction in main frame – up to -50%

Direct Advantages:


  • Maximum use of material – no waste
  • Huge weight reduction in main frame – up to -50%
  • Possibility of winning large spans
  • More distance between portal frames




Technical Characteristics:


  • Maximum production of 16M (L)
  • Flange width from 160mm to 450mm (bg(o), bg(u))
  • Flange thickness from 6mm to 30mm (tg(o), tg(u))
  • Web heights from 333mm to 1500mm (hs)
  • Web thickness from 1,5mm to 3mm (t)
  • In compliance with EN1993-1-5